Game Show Taping a “Wonderful Experience” For Orillia Family

Orillia family on Family Feud Canada tonight

An Orillia family of five “sassy women” will be in the premiere episode of Family Feud Canada.

“It was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook that there was a new Family Feud Canada coming out and they were looking for applicants,” says Orillia’s Krista Hastings, “so I tagged my three oldest daughters and my mom and said ‘hey what do you think about this?’ and they were all over that.” The group opted to compete under the name Madill, Krista’s maiden name.

Krista, her mother, and three daughters got to work on the audition tape. “We decided we would tape the video at my mom’s place,” she said, “so each of us shared a little about ourselves, and what was special about us, and what we liked to do for fun, and we played a little mock Family Feud.” The video was submitted on September 3rd. Producers of the show emailed back a little over two weeks later looking for an audition.

“We went out and we got some pom-poms, and we had met again at my mom’s place and created this cheer to introduce our family members, and a little bit about ourselves,” says Hastings of her family’s preparation for the audition, “we had a lot of fun, and when we were done our cheer, it was kind of cute because when we finished, we heard one of the producers say ‘well, we’re done here’ so we really thought that was very positive, and we were feeling pretty confident, but you never know right?”

“It’s a huge competition, there were thousands of applicants who applied,” Hastings added.

The customized cheer paid off. “Finally, October 18th, around 3:00 pm, I got a phone call, and honestly, I could not stop kind of jumping up and down,” Hastings said. “The producers really liked the family dynamic, “she said ‘we absolutely love the three generations of sassy women, and we want you on Family Feud Canada.'”

While the show has been taped, Hastings can’t reveal much about the outcome of the episode but does say her family’s appearance on the Canuck version of the classic game show created some memories to last a lifetime. “The whole experience was lots of work, but lots and lots of fun and great memories,” says Hastings. “Aside from all the wonderful experience we had there, just the five of us spending time together in Toronto outside the taping, and just doing that, it was a wonderful experience for my family that we will hold and cherish for years and years to come.”

As for advice for future potential contestants, “It’s harder than you think, that’s the only thing I want to add. When you’re sitting there in your living room and playing Family Feud, rhyming off the answers, it seems pretty easy. But when you’re up there playing up against another family, it’s not quite as easy, but tons of fun.”

Krista and her family will appear on the premiere episode of Family Feud Canada, airing on CBC at 8:00 pm, December 16th.