Help Games Done Quick 2022 raise money for Cancer research!

How do they even think that fast...

Games Done Quick is back for 2022 and this year they are raising money for The Cancer Prevention Foundation.

For over 10 years, Games Done Quick has been a charity fundraising organization that raises money for charity via speedrunning. Our events are streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. Games Done Quick events feature runners playing games from every generation of gaming history! They play their games live, and explain in detail the many tricks and glitches they use to get the fastest times.

So, what is speedrunning? Well, it’s when a player tried to complete a game as fast as they possibly can. Players spend days, months, and in some cases, even years perfecting the precise input, timing, and memory needed to complete them at breakneck speeds. While players speedrun a variety of games including lesser-known games, many play ones that you will have heard of (or maybe even played yourself) like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Sonic the Hedgehog. During the event, players also talk through their strategies while they play so even if you have no idea what they’re doing, you still get a sense of just how complicated it can be.

Here’s a game everyone knows, Super Mario Bros, being beaten in less than 5 minutes:

To date, Games Done Quick has raised over 34 million dollars for various charities since its inception in 2010. Since then, it has grown to be a much larger event (obviously, a smaller virtual one this year) and usually raises a couple million each year. This time around, they are currently sitting at over $700,000 for The Cancer Prevention Foundation.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation, founded in 1985, is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization. Their mission is to save lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection, by focusing their work through research, education, outreach, and advocacy. Their vision is to: “Stop Cancer Before it Starts”.

Games Done Quick 2022 is on right now until January 16, and you can see a full schedule of the event here.

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Remember that old arcade gem you used to dump quarters into when you were a kid? The one that took you hours to finally beat? Well, someone is going to crush that in about 10 minutes.

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