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Georgian College Golf Classic raises more than $155,000 for students

'The success of this tournament is a testament to the impact that our students have throughout the region and beyond'

News release – Georgian College

Georgian College is celebrating the return of the organization’s longest-running fundraiser in a big way.

The 32nd Georgian College Golf Classic, presented by BMO Bank of Montreal, sold out more than two months ahead of schedule this year, welcoming nearly 300 golfers and seeing sponsorship revenue increase more than 20 per cent over the previously held tournament. More than $155,000 was raised.

“Year after year, our sponsors and golfers support this event because they know how important financial support is to our students and their success,” said Dr. MaryLynn West-Moynes, Georgian President and CEO.

“The success of this tournament is a testament to the impact that our students have throughout the region and beyond.”

This year’s tournament, hosted at the Club at Bond Head, provided golfers with a uniquely Georgian experience. Golfers began the day at a massage station, hosted by Georgian’s Massage Therapy students, and accessed pro tips from Bill Wogden, the college’s Head Golf Coach and PGA of Canada Life Member.

Golfers competed in hole-in-one contests, which included $90,000 in on-course cash prizes and two vehicles sponsored by Moffatt’s Mazda, as well as a $20,000 putting challenge.

The post-tournament cocktail reception featured live entertainment by Georgian alumnus Robb Tomkinson (class of 2012), and closed with an auction and gourmet dinner emceed by KOOL FM’s Dale Smith.

Ishaan Sachdeva, Georgian College Students’ Association – Barrie president, spoke at the event thanking tournament sponsors and players for continuing to support the college’s student community. He shared that in June, more than 3,400 students will graduate from the college and shared that, “It’s not an exaggeration when I tell you that without donor support, many of these students never would have been able to finish their programs. Thank you for always being here when our students have needed you, and thank you for being here today.”

Funds raised from the Golf Classic support the college’s awards and scholarships programs and the Frontline Support: Health-care Heroes Closer to Home campaign, which is raising money to support the launch of the Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing program at the Barrie and Owen Sound campuses this September.

The Golf Classic was supported by a volunteer committee, which included community members Ray Duhamel (Chair), Sheila Delaney, Graham Ferguson, Bryan Howcroft, Louise Jackson, Beth Lawton, Joshua Valler, Addison Wallwin and Bill Wogden.

For more information and a full list of event sponsors, visit GeorgianCollege.ca/golfclassic.

Feature image via Georgian College