First there was “girl dinner,” now we find out what the boys like when they have “boy dinner”

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Now it’s the guy’s turn to tell us what their lazy dinner is.

Earlier this summer, the #girldinner trend was all over TikTok as women proudly showed off what they eat when alone.

It usually consist’s of crackers, cheese, some fruit and deli meat.

That inspired the boys to share how they roll.

Content creator Brianinheelee suggested to find out what a #boydinner is “go to your local supermarket at 6:30 and stand behind a single man and see what’s inside of his basket.”

@bryaninheelee What is boy dinner #girldinner #fyp ♬ original sound – Bryan 인희 Lee

Examples are frozen pizza, chips, and no vegetables.

This started a trend, and soon, men everywhere were sharing what they have as a quick bite.

One guy posted a video of him finding day-old pizza in his unmade bed, and he was happy with some leftover crust.

Several others posted a monster energy drink with a few cigarettes. Other’s had a handful of fries and chicken nuggets.

Another favourite is instant noodles. Sometimes, the high-sodium dinner just hits right.

One of my favourite was from a woman who shared what her boyfriend ate when she was out of town.

Wait until the end of the video to see something truly original.

@lucykalice Sorry not sorry that toby carvery is a 0 🤮 the more i look at the frankfurters the more they make me laugh hahahaha #boyfriend #boyfriendpov #couplecomedy #boyfood #boydinner #girlfriendboyfriend #coupletok ♬ original sound – LucyKalice

feature image courtesy of lucykalice via tiktok