Global COVID-19 cases top 90-million as another new variant is discovered in Japan

New provincial modelling will suggest 6000 new cases a day by month's end - CBC

We begin the week with 90-million cases of COVID-19 worldwide as new variants discovered in Britain and South Africa continue to spread, and another new variant is discovered in Japan in four travellers from Brazil.

The CBC says the new modelling expected this week from Queen’s Park will predict hospital ICUs filled beyond capacity by early February, and an average 6000 new cases daily before the end of January.

Premier Doug Ford hinted Friday at stricter regulations, perhaps an extension of the current lockdown, even a curfew similar to what has been imposed in Quebec.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman says the city may have to look at ways to help residents if the lockdown persists.

“The city does not have the capacity if we’re going to deliver all those essential services, to do rebates or cuts to, you know, people’s bills, but we can certainly make it much easier, much more favourable in terms of when it’s paid and how and that’s what we did in 2020.”