GO Transit no longer accepting cash in an effort to protect staff and passengers.

Passengers encouraged to load PRESTO card using the APP

Cash is no longer accepted when you ride the GO. Starting today, Metrolinx is no longer accepting cash on buses or ticket counters, in continued support to protect the public and employees from COVID-19.

You can buy your fare or load your PRESTO card using the self serve options:

• Load your PRESTO card instantly with the PRESTO App directly from your phone. More than 90% of GO customers already use PRESTO.

• Use cash at ticket vending machines* at stations to buy tickets, load your PRESTO card and, at some locations, buy a new PRESTO card. We’re taking extra care to regularly clean all of our PRESTO self-service machines.

• Sign up for a My PRESTO Account and use the Auto Load feature which instantly and automatically adds funds to your card when the balance gets below a set amount.

• Buy an e-ticket
*Ticket vending machines at Long Branch, West Harbour, Oshawa Bus Terminal, Mimico, and one machine at Bloor, do not accept cash.

In addition, station attendants will assist customers from behind the ticket counters and won’t be roaming around stations.