God save the Queen’s Nintendo Wii

In all its golden glory

If the image of Queen Elizbeth II playing Wii bowling in her nighties in Buckingham Palace brings a smile to your face, you might be pleased to know you can get your hands on a gold-plated Nintendo Wii made specifically for the Queen (Well, if you have $300,000 lying around).

So, where did this golden Wii come from? Back in 2009, a company called THQ thought up a unique (and very strange) way to market their new game, Big Family Games. The company created a fully functioning, 24-carat gold console, complete with a golden controller and a copy of their new game, and delivered it to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Who knows what happened to it in the years since but in 2019 it resurfaced and was in the possession of collector Donny Fillerup.

Fillerup never planned on selling this unique piece of history, but is looking to buy his first home and thinks this item could help finance that saying “My family was never very healthy financially, so money was always needed,” Fillerup said. “I never wanted to sell it; however, I was always curious how much someone could give for it.”

You can check out the eBay listing here, but our favourite part is the fact the ad says “used”, implying what we hope means the queen at some point got a few rounds of Wii Sports in.

Nice throw, Your Majesty.

Featured image courtesy of Console Variations via consolevariations.com