Gravenhurst firefighters put to the test in Thursday’s extreme heat

Nine-hour effort in the bush

If you think it was hot for you Thursday, consider the kind of day firefighters in Gravenhurst had.

Crews were called just after 1 p.m. to a bush fire off Highway 11 near Bethune Road.

Hundreds of feet of hose had to be dragged hundreds of feet into the bush in 36-degree heat, never mind the humidity and the heat from the fire.

Embers from the fire ignited dry tinder nearby.

It was nine hours before they had the hoses rolled back up and they were back at the station.

Two firefighters were treated by Muskoka paramedics for heat-related stress.

A number of burning bans have been invoked across the region due to the extreme heat and dryness.

And please, be careful when discarding smoking materials.