Gravenhurst Moving Ahead With Muskoka Wharf Revitalization

Revitalization Hopes To Address Concerns Including High Turnover

The Muskoka Wharf is getting a facelift.

Gravenhurst council gave the nod to an economic development plan that would revitalize the site. Mayor Paul Kelly pointed to the success of a similar project. “The Wharf is a remarkable site with some great things happening, but it hasn’t fulfilled its original vision to become a signature destination for our region,” explained Kelly. “The downtown core has benefited from ongoing revitalization efforts and now it’s time to use a similar approach to look at ways to improve the Wharf,”

While there have been some retail developments in the area of late, feedback indicates more work needs to be done; challenges include a higher turnover of business at the site, lower than average business satisfaction rate there, and a feeling of disconnect from the downtown core.

As a first step, Gravenhurst is leading a year-long Muskoka Wharf Revitalization Project, supported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs. “I’m pleased to see the Muskoka Wharf project in Gravenhurst get underway. The Rural Economic Development program is helping communities across Ontario become investment ready and open for business,” said
Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

A consultation process is expected to take place this Fall, with data and feedback expected to guide future progress.

banner image courtesy Town of Gravenhurst