Gravenhurst Mulling Over Options for Historic Train Station

Town Hall Hoping to Engage Public On Train Station Possibilities

The Town of Gravenhurst is working on taking public temperature on the future of the Gravenhurst Train Station.

“First and foremost we want to let the community know that the Gravenhurst Train Station won’t be going anywhere.” said Mayor Paul Kelly. “This Train Station is a designated historic building in our community and a number of features and attributes of the building have significant heritage significance and are protected. Secondly, we want to reassure the community that their opinions are vitally important and that we will be reaching out to them to get their feelings on what Council should ultimately do with the property,”

The Train Station would require significant upkeep over the next five years. A number of proposals were presented at the November 19th meeting of council, along with a request for proposal going out to the community, seeking options to fill the vacancy there, while town staff work on opportunities to allow residents to voice concerns and provide suggestions.

“Council has decided that they want to explore all options on the table and perhaps look at some new ideas,” said Mayor Kelly. We want to act in the most responsible manner and represent the best interests of the tax payer. Opening up the property to private business ownership may be an option the community is open to exploring. We look forward to further engagement,”