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Guide to black-owned businesses and organizations in Simcoe County

Support local!

What better way to celebrate Black History Month than by supporting some of the amazing local black-owned businesses and organizations dotted all across our community. Here is our guide to black-owned businesses and organizations in Simcoe County that you can support this month and beyond.

A Taste of Soul! (Wasaga Beach)

A Taste of Soul! offers the traditional cuisine of the southern United States with a selection of entrees, sides, and desserts.

AFFA Studio (Barrie)

AFFA Studio is focused on providing creative art services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything they can to meet your expectations.

Aviro Baby Boutique (Bradford)

Aviro Baby Boutique offers locally made baby and toddler toys, necklaces and teethers available for curbside pick-up.

Beatz in Barrie (Barrie)

Beatz in Barrie offers dance fitness classes that can be taken online and feature high energy routines with fitness elements.

Brown Sugar Spray Tans (Simcoe County)

Brown Sugar Spray Tans specializes in providing luxury organic spray tanning services on-site as well as top-notch products.

Campbell Real Estate Team (Oro-Medonte)

Campbell Real Estate Team helps people achieve their goals of homeownership through the highest levels of customer service.

Claire’s Beauty Supply & Salon (Barrie)

Claire’s Beauty Supply & Salon specializes in hair applications like extensions, weaves, braids, and more.

Covenant Wealth Financial Services (Innisfil)

Covenant Wealth Financial Services create security & wealth through individualized financial planning.

D.A. Commissioning & Legal Services (Bradford)

Founded on the principles of advocation, D.A. Commissioning & Legal Services is a private practice that offers lawyers and paralegals.

Discount Granite Plus (Barrie)

Discount Granite Plus will give you a beautiful stone countertop or surface, for less, with a process that is perfectly transparent.

Evergreen Message Therapy & Wellness (Barrie)

Evergreen is Barrie’s destination for wellness services and classes that will improve both your mental and physical health.

Experior Financial (Simcoe County)

Experior Financial builds financial foundations for families to empower them today and leave a legacy for tomorrow.

Infinity Performing Arts Studio (Barrie)

Infinity Performing Arts Studio is a competitive musical theatre arts program designed to promote, build and nurture the talents of children between the ages of 4 – 18 years old.

Irie Jerk Restaurant & Catering (Barrie)

Irie Jerk is a casual, family-style restaurant serving up some of your favourite Jamaican dishes from jerk chicken to curry goat.

JJ Caribbean Cuisine (Barrie)

JJ Caribbean Cuisine is an authentic Caribbean and Jamaican food specialist including a mixture of cooking techniques, flavours, spices and influences from the indigenous people on the island.

Kay’s Menu (Simcoe County)

From their table to yours, Kay’s Menu offers a variety of homemade baked goods such as cakes and cookies.

Konvo Media (Barrie)

Konvo Media is passionate about telling stories, building brands, and developing approaches that generate news, conversations and buzz.

Kreative Dance Company (Barrie)

Kreative Dance Co. is a family-owned and operated dance studio that offers recreational and competitive programs to students ages 1.5 to adults.

Lexon Law (Innisfil)

Lexon Law Professional Corporation is a full-service business law firm licensed to provide legal services founded on the simple principle of providing exceptional legal services, in a friendly, professional manner. 

Midhurst Family Eye Care (Midhurst)

Midhurst Family Eye Care takes great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric eye care and eye health education.

Mint Beauty Bar (Barrie)

Mint Beauty Bar specializes in many hair extension methods and hair textures with nine years of experience in the hair industry.

Monique Bartlett Real Estate (Simcoe County)

Monique Bartlett Real Estate understands that home buying and selling can be a very stressful process but with her practical and educational experience, she makes the foray into the real estate world easier to navigate.

Pendula Hair (Barrie)

Pendula Hair offers beauty and hair care services to have you looking and feeling your best.

Romaan Events (Barrie)

Romaan Events a full-service event management company dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding all special event management needs for Corporate and Social.

Shak’s World Community (Barrie)

Shak’s World Community Centre uses basketball, innovation, and mentorship as a bridge to youth employment, education, and training.

Moving Simcoe (Simcoe County)

Moving Simcoe offers strategic solutions and opportunities when you want to make an action plan and take advantage of the area’s real estate market.

Spaulding School of Music (Simcoe County)

Spaulding School of Music believes that giving a student a firm foundational knowledge of their instrument will lead to music as a tool for deep self-expression.

Spectrum Web Solutions (Barrie)

Spectrum Web Solutions provide outstanding web design and tailored technical solutions while adapting to the individual needs of each and every person.

Taylored To You Creations (Barrie)

Taylored To You Creations offer beautiful handmade creations like keychains, apparel, and more.

Making Change (Simcoe County)

Making Change focus is on raising awareness, educating, and providing support for all things inclusion and diversity. Much of this list is thanks to them.

UPlift Black (Simcoe County)

UPlift Black is a social service agency working to uplift the wellbeing of black people who live in Simcoe County.

Pendula Hair (Barrie)

Pendula Hair wants you to explore your own beauty by offering amazing hair care and products.

This list is always growing so if you know about a black-owned business or organization that isn’t here, let us know!

Featured image courtesy of Chicago Sun Times via