Guide To Fishing Hot Spots In Simcoe County

"Bait the hook well, this fish will bite"

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With our plethora of lakes and rivers, Simcoe County is pretty much one big dream for avid fishers, but here are a few hot spots you definitely need to check out if you’re looking to drop a line in Simcoe County.

Boyne River

The Boyne River runs all the way from the Nicolston Dam in Alliston to past the Mono Cliffs, so there are plenty of spots to drop a line. It has nice low waters, so you can spot fish and target the one you want. This river is unique because it’s quite small, but being sneaky and matching the natural environment of the fish will net you big ones.

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Cook’s Bay

Cook’s Bay (off of Lake Simcoe) is a great spot for perch. There are also some shallow areas where you can find pike and it’s not a bad spot to snag a few large mouth bass, either. Worth a stop, no matter the season!

Honey Harbour

Honey Harbour is one of the main access points to Georgian Bay. Look for weed beds, shoals and rock outcroppings that will provide bass, pike and muskie with cover.

Nottawasaga River

The Nottawasaga River offers up a ton of great fishing. Drop a line at the mouth for some great shoreline fishing, or just up the street from the Nicolstan Dan in Alliston there is shallow water flowing into deep pools, which is perfect for bigger catches.

Lake Simcoe

If you like a variety of fish, Lake Simcoe is tough to beat. It has deep sections with cold water species like lake trout and whitefish, mid-depth areas for smallmouth bass and yellow perch, and shallower, weedy places that harbour largemouth bass, northern pike and a variety of panfish.

Lover’s Creek

Lover’s Creek has a small trout run every year, with a variety of good sizes. The ‘catch’ at Lover’s Creek is that it’s small and needs to be kept preserved, so catch and release only is recommended but check the regulations to be sure.

South Basin, Georgian Bay

Southern Georgian Bay is absolutely filled to the gills with fish, so you may as well take advantage. Tons of pike and bass varieties in this area.

Lake Couchiching

You can fish for bass or panfish right in Orillia, by the main boat launches, but that area gets pretty busy. Head to the north end of the lake, where the canal comes in at Washago for some depth.