Hearst man drives nearly 1,000km to pick up $65 million cheque from OLG

67-year-old James Wickman loaded whole family into chartered bus to collect winnings

You can bet this one was worth the drive.

James Wickman loaded 24 family members into a rented coach bus and drove almost 10 hours from his home in Hearst, all the way down to Toronto.

Why? $65 million, that’s why.

James won the big jackpot in the September 8 Lotto Max draw. After checking his ticket on the OLG app, he had to double-check at the store. “I showed my wife the message on the app, but she couldn’t believe it and thought it was an error,” said James. “So, I went to the store to have the ticket checked through the lottery terminal and that’s when all the bells and whistles went off!”

“The last time I won a big prize was in 1972 – $5,000 in a gas station contest,” recalled the 67-year-old retired electrical contractor. “Back then $5,000 was big money, but nothing compared to hitting a $65 million jackpot. Wow!”

Feature image courtesy OLG. James Wickman (right) and his wife Eerikka (left) at the OLG prize centre in Toronto