Hell’s Angels Gaming Ring Shut Down Through Team Effort

Barrie Police Among the 18 Services Involved in Project Hobart

A massive cooperation between police has shut down a major illegal gaming operation.

At the OPP Headquarters in Orillia this morning, details were released of Project Hobart, a nearly year-long effort to target the illegal gaming run by known criminal organizations. That includes, according to OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique, the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

“Criminal organizations and the hallmarks of their illegal enterprises – gun violence, deaths, assaults and the extraordinary amount of money that fuel further criminal acts continue to threaten public safety,” said Carrique, “Police and partner agencies will continue to fully collaborate and aggressively target the ring leaders, their associates, and their lavish criminal lifestyle to make our cities and towns safer.”

Eighteen police services were involved in Project Hobart, including the Barrie Police Service, and York Regional Police Service.

The investigation began as a result of escalated violence throughout Ontario and Quebec, including attempted murders, arsons, extortion threats, shootings, and assaults. During search warrants executed last week, police say a total of 21 firearms were seized. Several ballistic vests and tasers were also seized, while police also took in tens of millions in assets, said to be related to criminal organizations.