High Miler Clocked At Twice the Speed Limit Through Bond Head

Street Racing Charge Comes With Potential for Hefty Fine

A Bradford woman could be facing a $10,000 fine, after cops say she was clocked at twice the speed limit.

Around 10:30 Wednesday evening, an officer had the radar gun pointed down Highway 88 at 27 in Bond Head when it is said an SUV approached at a high rate of speed. The radar gun said 109km/h in a 50 zone, so the vehicle was pulled over.

A 40-year-old woman has been charged with Stunt Driving. It calls for an immediate roadside licence suspension for seven days, while the vehicle is also impounded for the same duration. Fines for Street Racing, if found guilty in court, range between $2,000 and $10,000, and up to six months in jail.