Honour mom, support breast imaging, help RVH purchase new imaging equipment

All four mammography units need to be replaced

Stuck for a Mother’s Day gift?

In recognition of Mother’s Day and the work of their daughter, Dr. Sara Rask, Head of Medical Oncology in RVH’s cancer program RVH supporters Randy and Bryn Styles will match every gift made through a special campaign up to $10,000.

All monies raised will go toward the purchase of breast imaging equipment.

“Mammograms are essential to early detection of breast cancer. Part of early detection is having the most modern of equipment,” says Randy Styles. “Early detection makes a significant difference to the challenges those with breast cancer may face.”

RVH performs 85 mammograms a day. All four mammography units need to be replaced.

“Life’s journey is too precious to put off something so important. I get regular mammogram exams because I am being proactive and care about the impact my life has on my loved ones,” says Lise McCourt, president of the RVH Auxiliary. “My grandmother died of breast cancer, my mother survived it and I, thankfully, have had healthy check-ups so far. Early detection can save lives.”

Visit www.SupportRVH.ca to make a donation, or go to www.RVHCareCards.ca to send a personalized Mother’s Day e-card with a donation.