Housing Prices Creeping Up In Barrie

BDAR Says There Was a Decrease in Housing Prices Since March

A house in Barrie will set you back about five per cent more today than this time last year.

The Barrie and District Association of Realtors has crunched the numbers on housing unit sales in Barrie and across Simcoe County; while there was a dip in prices since last month, housing costs have overall increased since last year.

City, County Prices Higher in March

The average price of a home in Barrie last month was $485,860, which is a 1.7% decline from March. Compare that to April of 2018, prices have actually increased 5.2%.

Meanwhile, the County of Simcoe (excluding Barrie) experienced a 9% bump in housing prices year-over-year. Buying a home in Simcoe County would set you back, on average, $523,008. That is cheaper than in March, by 6.3%.

County and City Contributing Almost Equally to Regional Growth

The number of homes being sold is overall trending upwards, on both the city and county level. Month-to-month, BDAR noted a 14.4% increase in the number of units sold in Barrie, while the County saw a 29.5% growth since March.

Year-to-year, both Barrie and Simcoe County saw an increase in units sold in the low twenties, at 21.9% and 23.4% respectively.

Residential property sales outside of Barrie accounted for 54.9% of all sales in Simcoe County last month.