Humble Bundle Software: Why not learn a new skill over the holidays?

and donate to charity as a bonus!

Humble Bundle is an online store that offers bundled software, games, and books, with a portion of the proceeds going to support various charities!

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied over the holiday break, Humble Bundle has a bunch of software bundles to teach you new skills like photo editing, audio design, digital art, game design, and more. Each bundle has a tiered payment system, so you get different software depending on the amount you pay. This means you can get some programs for as little as $1!

If you’ve got some younger kids in the house, you might have heard of a game called Roblox. Well, Humble Bundle also has a new bundle that can really help kick-start their creativity. The Build Roblox Games bundle can give your kids the tools to start creating their very own games inside Roblox. Who knows, it could inspire a lifelong love of creation!

If you’re not a tech-savvy person, Humble Bundle also has more than a few book bundles including cyberpunk stories, manga novels, and even cookbooks! There are lots of skill book bundles too if you wanted to jump into programming, unity game design, or comic book writing.

For any gamers out there, Humble Bundle started as a games service before expanding to include software and books, so, of course, there are always tons of gaming deals too. They even have a subscription service where you get to pick a handful of games from an assortment of random choices each month.

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Don’t forget, every single bundle includes a donation to charity too! You can even choose how much you want to go to charity. Just pick “adjust donation”, the “custom amount” option, and crank that slider all the way to the right! Each bundle also lets you know how much has already been raised for each charity.

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