Integrity Commissioner Asked to Probe MacLeod’s Warning to Autism Group

Pressure continues to mount for Ontario Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod

The backlash continues for Ontario’s Social Services Minister. It was revealed late last week that Lisa MacLeod warned a group of behaviour analysts of “four long years” after they refused to publicly support recent changes to the autism system. The MPP has been facing calls to resign ever since that revelation. MacLeod has since issued an apology for her comments.

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MacLeod Issues Apology on Twitter

“It’s been an emotional time,” she said via Twitter on Thursday. “Throughout this process, my focus has always been on the 23,000 children who were abandoned under the previous government’s plan. This is an issue I take very personally and I apologize if my comments made anyone feel threatened or uncomfortable.”

The Canadian Press is reporting Liberal legislator Michael Coteau – the Liberal minister previously in charge of the file – has asked Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner to look into the social services minister’s actions.

MacLeod announces changes to Autism Program


MacLeod announced an overhaul of the Ontario Autism Program is on the way, and that the changes would ease the wait list for over 23,000 families. But some local families say the government isn’t being entirely forthcoming with their announcement, that they are “pushing Peter off a cliff to pay Paul.”

Parents rally against autism changes
Parents in Barrie rally against recent autism changes made by MacLeod