Intersections Shut Down Due to “Preventable” Crashes

"let's respect the rules of the road and each other."

A pair of collisions in Barrie on Friday morning has police reminding folks of the rules of the road.

“Both the collisions Barrie Police responded to today were intersection-related, and both these collisions were totally preventable,” says Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon. “In the first case, a driver disobeyed the stop sign, and in the second case the driver proceeded prior to the intersection being clear.”

The first crash happened at the intersection of Gunn and Oak Streets, where one of the two vehicles involved rolled on its side. The second was at Anne St. and Shirley Ave.; in both cases, only minor injuries were reported.

“Let’s slow down, let’s make sure we get where we need to go,” added Leon, “but most importantly, let’s respect the rules of the road and each other.”

Images courtesy Barrie Police Service