Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson calls out pot smokers during their show: says the band hates the smell of weed

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Well, this is a bit surprising.

Iron Maiden hates pot so much that they don’t want you to smoke it at their shows.

A video of leading man Bruce Dickinson is making the rounds, showing the heavy metal singer ganja shaming a concertgoer.

It happened on Sept 21 in Anaheim for their “Legacy of the Beast” tour.

The video starts with Dickinson calling out someone close to the stage.

It’s unclear if the concertgoer did something besides sparking up to get that kind of heat.


Dickinson explained that his bass player Steve Harris hates the smell of pot, explaining, “it fu@^$ him up. It f&^#’s me up. I’m a singer, alright? So I would ask for a tiny bit of respect”.

He added, “If you want to get completely stoned out of your mind, go out the back and do it.”

He later explains how happy they are to be back on the road after the pandemic and ends the rant on a happy note.

Watch the NSFW video below

feature image from Tanya Neely via youtube