It looks like we’ll be getting a new Doctor Who sooner than expected

Number 14 is on the way

After starring in the role for more than 3 years, Jodie Whittaker says she is stepping down from her role in Doctor Who.

Whittaker took over the role in 2017 from Peter Capaldi to become the first-ever female doctor and 13th Time Lord following in the footsteps of other United Kingdom doctors like Matt Smith and David Tennant. The reason behind her departure is unknown, but the show has seen a slight decline in ratings since Whittaker took over.

Who takes over the Tardis next is still very much in the air but that hasn’t stopped speculation about who it could be. Passing the torch from woman to woman, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has rumours circulating around her and Kris Marshall is also another contender. However, from others like Tom Rosenthal and David Harewood, these are only rumours after all so only time will tell who will take up the mantle.

The next season of Doctor Who is currently filming and is set to release in the fall, albeit with a shorter season (only 8 episodes) due to filming restrictions.

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