It’s always wise to support local wineries!

In Vino Veritas

It seems like we’re always hearing about some new benefit of drinking a glass of wine a night. Little did they know, we were going to drink one anyway. Lucky for us, Ontario is home to some amazing wineries and there just happens the be two right in our own backyard. However, before we jump into specific wineries, let’s take a look at what wines Ontario is most known for.

What Wine Ontario Does Well

You may have noticed, it can get sort of cold around here. While we might long to enjoy more tropical weather all year round, there is at least one benefit the cold weather brings with it: When grapes are given more time in cold weather, they get sweeter. If there are two wines that Ontario is near unrivalled in, it is late autumn Rieslings and icewines. Combined with our hot summers that give texture and flavour, it’s no wonder why Ontario has become the primary producer of sweet wines.

Heritage Estates

Not only is Heritage Estates located right here in Barrie, but they are also unique in that they are both a winery and a cidery. Producing amazing ciders, Vidals, sparkling wines, sangrias, and more, Heritage Estates is putting Barrie on the map when it comes to making wine. The best part? All of their products are available for curbside pickup, delivery, or at your local LCBO.

Holland Marsh

Although not quite as close as the previously mentioned winery, Holland Marsh is definitely worth the short trip south. With 22 acres of beautiful farmland, this award-winning winery combines old-world flavours with new world flair. One taste and you’ll understand why they describe themselves as “minimalistic in approach, but complex in flavour”.

Dinner is always better with a bottle of wine so why not support some local wineries and get yourself a few bottles (or more than a few!).

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