It’s Official, Saved By The Bell Is Getting A Reboot

Bayside High Will Never Be The Same

Have you ever grabbed your books, gave yourself a look, and arrived at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by? If so, I can only imagine how excited you’ll be to hear about the new Saved By The Bell reboot.

Part of NBC’s new streaming service that will launch in 2020, the new Saved By The Bell will see old favorites, including Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie) and Mario Lopez (Slater) reprising their iconic roles. The story see’s Zach Morris, who is now the Governor of California (uh, okay), close a number of low performing high schools and transfer the students to other locations. One of these locations is, you guessed it, the one and only Bayside High. No word if Mr. Belding is still the principle though.

While pricing for NBC’s new streaming service dubbed “Peacock” has not yet been detailed, with so many other services being announced to rival the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Crave, it’s safe to assume it will be less than $10 a month in order to be competitive.