Jude Law smelled like feces, sweat and puss to get into character for latest film

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It’s common for actors to go deep into method acting, but what Jude Law did stinks. Literally.

The 50-year-old admitted he wore a disgusting perfume blend to smell like his character, Henry VIII, in his latest film, “Firebrand”

A perfumer made a concoction of puss, blood, fecal matter and sweat which Law would apply when on set.


He wanted to smell bad because Henry VIII’s leg was rotting so badly people could smell him rooms away.

In an interview with reporters, Law explained, “I thought it would have great impact if I smelt awful.”

At first, Law would apply just a little bit of the “Poo perfume” but soon started dousing himself in it.

The film “Firebrand” got an eight-minute standing ovation at Cannes this week, so even though Law stinks, the movie doesn’t.

feature image of Jude Law from Gage Skimore via flickr