July jobless numbers show Barrie leading country in getting back to work

"We have the highest employment rate in the country..."

July was a ‘blockbuster month’ for Barrie residents getting back to work says Mayor Jeff Lehman

Stats Canada reports 5,000 more people in the Barrie-area moved back into employment between June and July.

“We have the highest employment rate in the country at 66.5%, which means a larger percentage of our population is working than any other urban area in Canada,” says Lehman. “Unemployment rate down over a full per cent to 9.7%. Most cities in the 11-13% range.

Nationally, the jobless rate fell to 10.9% in July from 12.3% in June with 419,000 jobs added to the economy.

It’s still bad due to COVID, says the mayor, but Barrie is outperforming.

“Hats off to all those Barrie businesses who are fighting through this and making it work!”