Jupiter Rising: Bigger and brighter than usual this month

'A brilliant jewel'

We can get up close and personal with Jupiter next week.

“The solar system’s largest planet is a brilliant jewel to the naked eye, but looks fantastic through binoculars or a small telescope, which will allow you to spot the four largest moons, and maybe even glimpse a hint of the banded clouds that encircle the planet”


The best opportunity for viewing will begin Monday night (June 10). Look low toward the east-southeast horizon for the rising moon and situated prominently about 4 degrees to its upper right will be Jupiter.

The Moon, Jupiter and its four largest moons above snowy mountain peaks in Utah.
Jupiter and several of its large moons appear above the mountains of Utah, along with a bright Moon (its crescent overexposed here). Credit: NASA/Bill Dunford

Jupiter will rise at dusk and be visible all night long.