Just in time for the playoffs, the Molson Brewmboni is here

Move over Roomba.

With the NHL Playoffs just around the corner and fans buzzing with excitement, especially Toronto and Montreal fans who haven’t seen the rivals battle it out since 1979. Well, Molson Canadian is putting a very Canadian spin on the Roomba with what they’re calling the Brewmboni.

The Brewmboni is a fully functioning mini-robot vacuum that doubles as a beer cooler. While this little guy is buzzing around the room, hoovering up all the crumbs you’re dropping, you can also pop open the front compartment and grab your favourite beer (which we’re guessing they hope is Molson Canadian). You can also sit two cans in the seats, making it four total and don’t worry, it promises to be “whisper quiet” so you won’t need to blast the TV volume (unless that’s your thing, then do you).

While the Brewmboni isn’t available quite yet, you can add yourself to the waiting list to get your hands on one as soon as they are available. If you think you have the technical know-how to pull it off, you can also download the plans and try to build one yourself!