Keep Your Snowmobile Off Private Property

OPP Warning That, Despite Being a Criminal Offense, There Are Other Fallouts to Trespassing

While snowmobilers are likely chomping at the bit to hit the sledding trails, the OPP are reminding everyone to stick to the trails.

Orillia OPP say it has received some complaints from farmers in the area regarding snowmobilers trespassing on private property.

Despite trespassing being an offense, police say riding the snowmobile on farmers’ fields could damage soil and the lands below. The OPP adds that farmers often put up fences to aid in farming duties, which represents a dangerous obstacle to snowmobiles.

“Farmers work hard to make sure there is food for our grocery stores and other valuable commodities that we all take for granted, let’s make their lives easier by not trespassing.” reads a statement from OPP Constable Martin Hill.