KFC is bringing back its famous “Double Down” chicken sandwich after a ten-year hiatus

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KFC is bringing back the unapologetically greasy sandwich that gave people a rush while eating it… “The double down”

It’s been ten years since the fast-food chain offered the wall of chicken.

In case you need to remember, it consists of two slices of cheese, bacon, and a choice of mayo or spice sauce sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken filets acting as the bun.

Think of the unhealthy version of a bun less sandwich.

All judgements aside, it looks delicious and so juicy.

I remember a young co-op student once brought it in for lunch and said, “after a couple of bites, it stops being fun.”

But man, it must have been a great couple of bites.

Messages on Instagram have people excited and a little nervous.

One user said, “every bite felt like Jesus slapped me in the face with deliciousness” and “the most beautiful thing ever created.”

It will be back on March 6th for a limited time because our hearts can’t handle this year-round.

No word on if it will be rolled out in Canada too, but we’ll soon find out.

Check out this retro commercial below

feature image from KFC via Instagram