Kids Help Phone’s letter builder is the perfect way to tell those you are quarantined with how you feel

The tool will help you express your feelings and suggest a solution moving forward

“Need to tell someone something and don’t know how to start?”

Stress levels are high and many people forced in doors with their families. As a result, frustration and conflict are a given.

Whether you’re stuck inside with your parents up in your grill or quickly becoming annoyed with your partner — communication will surely be key over the months to come.

So how do you tell the person you love that you can’t stand to be around them? As any counselor will tell you: try writing it down.

Kids Help Phone has an online tool which will construct a letter for you. All you need to do is fill in the details and it will generate a message for you to deliver to that special someone.

The tool will ask you to describe the situation you are in. Next it will ask you to list a couple of words to describe how you are feeling. It asks what you would like the person to do to help you through the situation.

Enter your name and hit build. The site will lay out what you wrote down and download a letter for you to give to your loved one. Writing down how you’re feeling gives you the chance to communicate effectively or prompt the start of further conversation. Getting everything down on paper is also a great way of expressing emotions that have been bottled up while you may feel bottled up yourself.