Knife wielding man attacks the home of Benedict Cumberbatch, threatening to burn it down

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After threatening actor Benedict Cumberbatch, a former chef has been slapped with a fine and restraining order.

In court, it was revealed that an assailant trespassed on the actor’s property in North London and started wielding a knife in the front yard.

Reports say he kicked the front garden’s iron gate open and shouted: “I know you’ve moved here. I hope it burns down.”

At some point, he spat on the property intercom and destroyed it using a fish knife before fleeing the area.

Cumberbatch, his wife, Sophie Hunter, and their three young children were inside the home when it happened.

During court proceedings earlier this month, the court heard the couple has had many sleepless nights since the incident.

Before the attack, the man reportedly told a worker at a nearby bakery that he would break in and burn down Cumberbatch’s house.


He pled guilty to the charges in court earlier this month but did not explain his actions.

He was given a fine and three-year restraining order.

feature image from Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia commons