Landlord Fined For Failing to Fix Furnace During Ramara’s Cold Winter Months

Furnace Broke in Early 2018 And Wasn't Fixed All Winter

A Ramara Township landlord has been convicted of failing to provide heat to its tenants through the winter.

The company Casino R.V. Resorts Inc. was fined $1,500 by an Orillia Justice of the Peace this week, after it failed to repair a broken furnace, leaving tenants to suffer through this past winter without heat.

According to court documents, a basement furnace on the property broke down, and the landlord was notified. Despite repeated requests from tenants, the furnace remained broken through September 2018, until June 15, 2019. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, landlords are not permitted to withhold a supply of heat to tenants between September and June. During this timeframe, landlords are required to maintain a temperature of at least 20 degrees Celcius.

It is said the property in question could be found on Willison Side Rd. in Ramara Township, but is not affiliated with Casino Rama Resort.