Launch of COVID-19 contact tracing app in Ontario delayed

Queen's Park still working out details with Ottawa

The mobile app to help with contact tracing of COVID-19 cases in Ontario will not be available today as planned.

Ministry of Health officials say they’re still working with the federal government on the rollout. A new date for the launch has not been announced.

Testing of ‘completely voluntary’ national contact tracing app will begin in Ontario

Premier Doug Ford has said the app could play a key role in helping contain the spread of COVID-19 as more businesses reopen.

Prime Minister Trudeau said recently, “I want to stress that this will be completely voluntary. It will be up to individual Canadians to decide whether to download the app or not. But the app will be most effective when as many people as possible have it.”

The app will notify users based on a number of criteria, including if they’ve been within two metres of a person who tests positive for the virus and if that contact took place over an extended period of time.