Learning From Experience: Fire Prevention Week With Barrie Fire

A ceramic bowl, a blue flame and five people seriously hurt

A simple ceramic bowl has done some severe harm, according to Barrie Fire.

To commemorate Fire Prevention Week, we’ll be taking a look back at the fires that changed our communities, and how we learned from them, with the help of local Fire Services. Samantha Hoffman, Barrie’s Fire Prevention Officer, said it was hard to nail down one within Barrie, but decided the one she learned the most from happened just this past summer.

“When our trucks arrived, they arrived on scene to find five people severely burned, two of them in a critical situation.”

Firefighters were called out to a Barrie home over the summer, after a group of people were hurt while trying to refill an outdoor decorative fire bowl.

The Fire Pot That Injured Five Over The Summer

The Fire Pot That Injured Five Over The Summer

“…according to the Fire Marshal’s Office, it’s something we’re seeing more and more people getting injured from, or even dying.”

Hoffman says the mistake comes when trying to refill the pot, in not being able to see that the flame may still be going.

“The ethanol burns so clean that you don’t see the blue flame is still burning, and often the fire will travel into the container that they’re using to refill… and that becomes a flame thrower.”