Legalization Hasn’t Hurt Friendly Stranger’s Bottom Line

"I'm Just Around the Corner"

A year of legalized cannabis in Canada hasn’t hurt the local grey market much.

A local marijuana dealer tells Barrie 360 his business has been steady over the past year. “I lost a few customers, but for the most part, I’m actively selling,” says the friendly stranger, “A few of my regulars say they tried the OCS but it was a bad time.”

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The dealer says the illegal market remained healthy over the last year, in part, due to a cumbersome rollout of the Ontario Cannabis Store. “I think a lot of people were frustrated by the province’s set up. It wasn’t working for them, the supply wasn’t there. And it took days to get to you. Me, I’m just around the corner.”

This week, the OCS announced it would be consulting with private companies on how to get them more involved in the supply and storage of cannabis, following months of issues meeting demand.

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“As the exclusive wholesaler and distributor of legal recreational cannabis in Ontario, the OCS remains focused on its primary objective of combating the illegal market and protecting our youth and communities through overseeing a safe and secure cannabis distribution network across the province,” said Cal Bricker, President & CEO of the OCS. “While centralized distribution services have served existing retailers, and are preparing to support additional retail stores and the launch of edibles, beverages, extracts and topicals, the OCS is taking prudent steps to consult the industry on opportunities to increase their involvement in participating in the storage and transportation of cannabis products to retail stores.”

The OCS reported this month that it saw a $42 million loss in its last fiscal year, ending on March 31st.