LG’s Transparent OLED screens look insanely cool

Taking the fiction out of science fiction

What used to be a staple of movies trying to look futuristic, transparent screens are now a reality and when it comes to how they look, they don’t disappoint.

LG unveiled their new cutting edge tech last year and while (like all new tech) it is likely a bit too expensive to see widespread adoption immediately, the new transparent touch screen displays are just too intriguing to ignore.

Over on the website, LG shows off the potential and flexibility of the new screens through corporate use, advertising, or even to be used in museums to create an immersive experience. Maybe one day we’ll all live in a house that looks like Tony Stark built it (we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we all had Iron Man suits as well).

While we are already over a year late, with its touch screen, transparency control, and interaction with its environment, perhaps the world will start to look more and more like the world of Blade Runner than we ever thought possible. Since we already have holograms, all we need now is replicants and flying cars.

Featured image courtesy of LG via lg-informationdisplay.com