Get ready for your new storybook life at Disney World

If you belong to the 1% anyway.

Renting a room for a week at Disney is so 2021. Now, you can start your life at Disney World all year round for the incredibly low price of $4.6 million dollars (Gawrsh).

Last week, Disney announced the first “Storyliving” neighbourhood, which will feature houses, condos, and shopping, all along crystal clear turquoise waters. There is even a 55+ area of the community. Buyers will also have the option to buy two additional passes including one that gives access to a special beach and water recreation area and another that promises other Disney entertainment and activities throughout the year. It sounds like you would really buy one without the other.

If buying two separate yearly Disney passes sounds expensive, hearing the price of the actual houses will make you weak in the knees. While all the homes for this location have already been sold, one of the homes is currently up for resale for a whopping $4.6 million. If that doesn’t sound expensive enough, you could always head to the other coast of Florida to Disney’s other similar community called Golden Oak (the new location is near Palm Springs) and put that $16.4 million you have lying around to better use.

Obviously, making your way to Disney World is made incredibly easy with Shuttle buses and mini-coaches coming straight to your door at your request. Also included with your new home are “Concierge-style services” like tickets for special events and private tours of the park, priority access to dinner, spa, and golf reservations, and even access to Disney cast members for your own personal in-home dinners and parties.

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Listen, we know it’s a lot of money, but it’s hard to put a price on life at Disney World and calling Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Mickie over for dinner whenever you want.

But boy (oh boy), did they try.

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