Ford government MPP demoted for misrepresenting vaccine status

Premier ordered his MPPs to be fully vaccinated

The Progressive Conservative MPP for Durham has been dropped as parliamentary assistant to the Attorney General after it was discovered she misrepresented her vaccine status.

Lindsey Park will be allowed to remain in caucus after providing proof of medical exemption.

Government House leader Paul Calandra said in a statement that he recently learned Park “misrepresented” her vaccination status.

“We subsequently verified the vaccination status of caucus members, and as such, our caucus is fully vaccinated with the exception of two members who have received medical exemptions.”

Scarborough Centre MPP Christina Mitas had previously received a medical exemption from getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and remains in caucus.

Premier Doug Ford booted Rick Nicholls, the MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington, from caucus in August because he refused to get a jab for what he called personal reasons. He currently sits as an independent and has said he won’t run in the 2022 provincial election.

PC MPPs were given until August to provide proof they were double-dosed against COVID-19 or submit a statement signed by a doctor medically exempting them from vaccination. The premier warned his MPPs to get two jabs if they wished to remain in caucus because of their daily interaction with the public.

Banner Image: Ontario government website