Local artist dedicates new song to leaders and front-line heroes for Canada Day

"I felt it was time to express some gratitude, and share a happier message of hope and unity"

“Heart of Unity” is a song with a message of hope and unity. It is a statement of gratitude to our leaders and front-line workers and a celebration of Canadians’ coming together for the greater good. “The past year has been difficult and uncertain for many and a time of deep reflection and social change. The pandemic taught us lessons about ourselves and highlighted the importance of unity, empathy, social change, and collaboration. We have so many front-line workers and leaders to thank for their tireless dedication and service”, says Innisfil poet and songwriter Dawn Mucci.

Mucci, along with composer, Artemis Chartier, award-winning audio producer Dale Russel, and video production by Central Ontario Broadcasting, combined forces to create the song and music video. The main message of the song is about coming together and uniting for the common good, something Canadians have done beautifully throughout the pandemic. This song celebrates the solidarity, resilience, diversity, and inclusivity of the Canadian spirit, values we would like the world to know we cherish.

Mucci went on to say, “with everything that has happened and what we have all been through together these past eighteen months.  I felt it was time to express some gratitude, and share a happier message of hope and unity.  We all have a lot more in common than we think and we want the best for each other and our country.  I want to look forward and realize the possibility of a more united, fair, equitable and prosperous future for all Canadians.”

Featured image courtesy of Shihab Nymur via pexels.com