Local rallies expected Wednesday amid province-wide push for a safer return to school in the fall

Ontario Parent Action Network making nine demands of provincial government

A province-wide push for a safe return to school in the fall may result in a few local rallies.

The group Ontario Parent Action Network is urging families and educators to rally at their local MPP’s office on July 29 to urge the province to work towards a safer return to school. Rallies are expected to take place across Ontario, including in Barrie and Orillia, running from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Ontario Parents Action Network suggests organizers conduct physically distanced rallies or tape messages and signage to the MPP’s door.

The group has a list of nine demands it says will promote a safer return to the classroom. These demands include fully funding 5-day in-class learning, safe childcare before and after school, increased health, wellbeing, and student support, as well as worker protections like 21 days minimum emergency paid sick days.

It is expected the provincial government will announce more details of its plan to safely return to school during a Wednesday afternoon media conference.

More information can be found on the Ontario Parent Action Network’s Facebook event page.