Local theatre company joining new Canada Wide initiative: Grand Acts of Theatre

A series of unique performances

Eleven of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies have been engaged to create and perform new, large-scale works that will be performed outdoors in front of live audiences, filmed, and then shared online.

One of the companies tapped is none other than Barrie’s own Talk is Free Theatre who have created a performance titled “Something Bubbled, Something Blue”, a celebration of our joyful drive for communal ritual, no matter what restrictions we may live under.

Something Bubbled, Something Blue casts a surreal lens on the concept of a COVID wedding by playfully manifesting the metaphor of personal bubbles as inflatable Zorbs, which will be inhabited by the formally-attired members of a wedding party. Through music, choreography and live art gesture, this piece gamifies the limitations that the pandemic places on communal events. It aims to side-step the false choice between isolation or reckless endangerment, by exploring and exploiting the necessary restrictions that keep us safe but apart.

For more details on this performance along with the other ten that are coming in the next few months, head over to the Grand Acts of Theatre hub.

Featured image courtesy of Luca Ragogna via nac-cna.ca