Low-Income Seniors Getting a Break on Innisfil’s Rideshare-Based Transit

Town Also Wants Folks to Weigh In on System As a Whole

Some seniors may get special consideration when riding Innisfil’s novel transit system.

The town of Innisfil has launched Fair Transit, a discount program to provide the community’s most vulnerable with access to affordable transit.

Applicants who get the green light will not only receive a 50% discount on all Innisfil Transit Rides, they will also be exempted from the town-imposed cap of 30 rides a month on the Ridesharing-based transit system, and will receive two free return trips from the Innisfil Food Bank.

“One of the most exciting pieces about our Innisfil Transit system, is the ability to make enhancements just like this in no time,” said Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin. “Through this new program we will provide meaningful, direct assistance to our population’s most vulnerable and do it in a way that doesn’t force an individual to face any stigma.”

Meanwhile, the Town of Innisfil is launching a two-year evaluation of the Innisfil Transit System, and are asking residents to weigh in through an online portal.