Maintaining a healthy diet during the summer

May not be as hard as you think

Things a little topsy turvy as you course through the summer?

Routines all over the place.

Balancing work and vacation time.

Mealtimes disrupted.

It can be hard to maintain a nutritional diet this time of year.

Registered Dietician Abby Langer says while hamburgers and hot dogs on the barbecue are a staple this time of year, summer is also a good opportunity to get into a new groove, by discovering fresh fruits and vegetables, “My recommendation would always be to go to a farmer’s market, or even your grocery store, see what’s fresh, see what’s local and build off of those things.”

And take it a step further, says Langer. Experiment. Dispense with the beef and the chicken and try barbecuing fish and grilling vegetables.

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It doesn’t have to be a complicated meal. Langer says it can be a simple salad with chickpeas or hard-boiled eggs or leftover roasted chicken and lots of vegetables.

If you need a helping hand, Sun Life Financial has developed a web tool it calls Lumino Health. It’s a one-stop guide for finding local health advice and information on stress management, elder care, nutrition and more. There are more than 60 partners on the platform.

Langer says there are no more excuses to not be eating healthy…any time of year.