Make music with strangers online using Plink

It's easy and it's free

Even if you haven’t been using the extra time at home to learn a new instrument, that’s okay because Plink makes it easy to fill your house with the sound of music.

Plink is a fun little online experience that matches you up with random people online and lets you collaborate with no music experience necessary. Just pick a colour (an instrument), use your mouse to control pitch, and left click to make a sound!

Along with Plink, Dinahmoe Labs has three other unique audio experiences that are also quite simple to use. Theme lets you create a song by simply changing filters and generating new melodies, Tonecraft lets you build music in 3D by placing blocks, and finally, The Rick Astley Remixer lets you easily remix “Never Gonna Give You Up” with just a few clicks.

Try out each experience and see what you can come up with! Trust me, it’s a lot of fun (I’m never gonna tell a lie and hurt you).