Mariah Carey dazzles during Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

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Mariah Carey put on a dazzling show during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan.

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Christmas’ pulled out all the stops, wearing a massive pink dress, a tiara, and a fancy umbrella as she belted out “All I Want for Christmas.”

For a fun surprise, her children, Monroe and Moroccan, popped out of prop presents to join in on the fun.

However, with people being people, many were quick to criticize her performance.

She was criticized for lip-synching, but her super fans quickly defended her.

In 2018 John Legend explained why all artists lip-synch at parades.

The floats can’t handle the sound equipment. And we know she can belt it out.

Some were upset she barely moved and stood in one spot the whole time. In her defense, that dress looks incredibly hard to move in.

This sports writer summed it up perfectly by tweeting, “Mariah Carey is getting millions right now for standing there with her umbrella and honestly, it doesn’t make me mad. Mad respect.”

She heads to Toronto for two Christmas shows on December 9 and December 11.

Feature image via youtube/NBC