After a meeting with the Pope, Martin Scorsese will reportedly make a film about Jesus

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Martin Scorsese says he plans to make a movie about Jesus after a recent talk with Pope Francis.

The famed director just debuted his film “Killers of the Flower Moon” at the Cannes film festival and is on an Italian tour.

According to Variety magazine, Scorsese was invited to “The Global Aesthetics of the Catholic Imagination” conference, where he and his wife Helen Morris, met Pope Francis during a brief private audience at the Vatican.

According to reports Scorsese announced at the Vatican, “I have responded to the Pope’s appeal to artists in the only way I know how: by imagining and writing a screenplay for a film about Jesus, and I’m about to start making it.”

No other details have been made public.

It would not be the first time Jesus was the main subject of a Scorsese film, ad he produced 1988’s “The Last Temptation of Christ.”


feature image courtesy Siebbi via wikicommons