Mayor Lehman encourages everyone to do what is ‘asked of you’ as COVID numbers continue to climb

"We're either going to save lives or lose more lives"

With projections of as many as 60,000 new COVID-19 cases a day in Canada by the end of December and 19 new cases in Barrie Thursday – a new high – Major Jeff Lehman hopes everyone will do what is asked of them to help stop the surge.

“We’re either going to save lives or lose more lives,” the mayor said in an interview with Barrie 360. “And through no fault of our own, that is up to us. And by that I mean if you’re flaunting the rules, if you’re having big parties and so on, then yes, that is the fault of you. But most people are trying very hard here.”

The 19 new cases in the city Thursday are of concern, especially since many of them were institutional. Lehman noting we can spread the virus without knowing we even have it. He says that means we have to be diligent in adhering to restrictions that are put in place. “The question is when we get to the other end, are we going to be able to say, ‘you know, what, we saved thousands of lives by keeping it up a little bit longer’ or are we going to say ‘gee, I wish I hadn’t got tired [of the restrictions], all those people ended up dying.’ I mean, that’s terrible, right?”

With prospective vaccines now at the approval stage, Lehman says there is, even with caseloads rising, cause for hope.

“Where this thing had an uncertain timeline, the timeline is gradually, week by week, becoming clearer.”

“We can do this.”