Mayor says City of Barrie ready for influx of visitors this holiday weekend

More bylaw officers to enforce new beach and park regulations

The May 2-4 weekend has arrived.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman expecting a few out-of-towners to check into town, visiting the city’s beaches, but has a hunch there won’t be as many as last year, for a couple of reasons, “One is you can’t really do any of the outdoor things up here, or at least the amenities or attractions in Barrie specifically that might have brought you to town for the weekend in a normal year, things like Burl’s Creek or otherwise. The other reason is it’s not a regional reopening, so it’s not the case that, you know, there’s something open in Barrie that isn’t open in Markham or Brampton or Toronto.”

Life’s a beach this May 2-4 as stay-at-home order clashes with people itching to launch unofficial start to summer

And visitors will have to become acquainted quickly with new regulations regarding the use of barbecues and tents at city beaches and parks. Lehman says the city is ready for that, “The bylaw folks are ready, and we actually have more enforcement officers this summer … not just at the beaches, but across the municipality and to deal with COVID. We need stronger enforcement, so we’ve hired up a bit for the summer.”

Barbecue pits have been installed in in some parts of beach areas, away from the water, with more on the way.

Queen’s Park’s new reopening plan permits reopening of some outdoor recreation, ties further reopening to vaccination rates

The province on Thursday outlined its three-stage plan for reopening the province, all of it tied to vaccinations and hospitalizations, but it also golf courses and other outdoor amenities could reopen as of tomorrow.