McDonald’s Canada May Start Selling Donuts

Look Out Tim Hortons

With its push of the McCafe brand over the past few years, its no surprise to see McDonald’s Canada moving into the Donut game. Additions like pastries and specialty coffees have positioned the McDonald’s brand into a new place in the consumer’s mind and donuts seem to be the next logical step.

Mcdonald’s Canada will be testing reception at a few stores including locations in the GTA. You will be able to try five flavours including Apple Fritter, Strawberry Jelly Powdered, Boston Cream, Sprinkle, and Maple Iced & Caramel Filled. Single donuts will sell for $1.19 each but who buys just one donut? A pair will sell for $1.99 or a half dozen for $5.99.

Again, this is only a trial run so there’s no guarantee that McDonald’s donuts will be a permanent fixture, but if the new items are received warmly it might not be long until we see them in more stores, maybe along with Mcbits (You can have that one for free McDonald’s).